Common Weathers

SOFTlab along with The Living designed Common Weathers for the group show ReGeneration at the New York Hall of Science. The exhibition included 9 artists and ourselves as the 10th, creating both an environment and an artwork. We inverted the typical white wall exhibition into a floating surface that not only marked the zones of each artist installation but connected them from above through a funneled, continuous form. Each zone had a custom radius designed specifically for the artist’s installation. We worked with the engineering firm Arup for both form finding and structural analysis. I played a large role in the formal design, material design, and assembly logic. Along with a team of volunteers, Common Weathers was installed over a 2 week period. 

Role: Lead Designer, Computation, Installation
Completed: 2012
Location: Queens, NY
Size: 7,500 sq ft

Materials: Mylar, Wood, Metal Grommets

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Carrie McKnelly, Liz Kelsey, Ben Halpern, w/ The Living

Photos by Alan Tansey