Common Weathers

SOFTlab designed the exhibition space for Gimme More - a traveling, augmented reality exhibition of seven interactive installations created by the Swiss design EPFL + ECAL Lab. Inside the large, industrial space of Eyebeam in Chelsea NYC, we designed and produced the minimal amount of structure to define each artists’ work while keeping the gallery open for exploration. We developed a novel system to fabricate the walls by suspending sheets of Tyvek which found their form through the weight of large cardboard tubes. Each wall appeared to float in space, mixing a technical assembly (and exhibition) with an ephemeral, layered material quality.

Role: Designer, Installation
Completed: 2013
Location: EyeBeam, New York, NY

Materials: Tyvek, Cardboard Tubes, Cable, Florescent Lights

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Liz Kelsey, Carrie McKnelly, Ben Halpern

Graphics: Pentagram

Photos by Alan Tansey