Redundant Stool: Computational Material Distributions

The Redundant Stool was produced as final coursework for Computational Material Distributions taught by Panagiotis Michalatos at the GSD. Using a plug-in for Rhino's Grasshopper titled Milipede developed by Panagiotis, a stool was designed through redundancy, its geometry allowing it to be used in 3 distinct orientations. 

The first prototype was made of 3 layers of laser cut paper. Each layer represented the stress pattern of a single orientation of the stool. Each layer is week on it's own however the stool gains strength in its redundancy.

The second prototype served as a test for placing sting according to coordinates exported from the optimization Rhino model. To fabricate with the logic of straight line paths, a script was developed to create thousands of random lines from predetermined spacing along the frame edges. A filter was then applied to select lines stressed beyond a threshold. These lines were materialized with string hardened with resin. 

GSD SP 2014
Professor: Panagiotis Michalatos