machine building update

Anxious to see my new Kenner Automatic Knitting Machine in action, I disassembled it, cleaned the knitting needles and plastic carriage, and applied generous amounts of machine oil. I was able to knit pretty consistently  after some trial and error. Testing will include integrating new fibers and patterning to test the flexibly of the machine.

To progress on the circular knitting machine, I have begun to integrate my new stepper motor. It was a bit tricky to wire since I had to change my power supply to 12V. After discussing with experts (aka classmates), I finally have the motor spinning. After a bit more work I will have it integrated into the machine by swapping out the old, less powerful stepper. 

Today I was also pointed to a project I have yet to come across titled '24 Bit Friendship Loom' by Ilan Moyer. The machine was built as part of his Masters Thesis at MIT. See video here